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Direct sourcing from the finest growers in Southern California and South America.

Floralogic, with over 75 years of experience in the floral industry, is dedicated to offering the finest quality flowers available anywhere. Our suppliers in Miami and California are direct importers and our growers, who are well known and respected in the industry, carry only the finest quality floral products. We offer 100% satisfaction on all of your orders.

With the ability to link directly to real-time inventory availability and pricing, registered buyers save time and money. In addition, we offer you product to be shipped overnight landed costs direct to your location, or you can schedule delivery for a particular date (freight costs are included in posted prices).

Through our supply chain, logistics and technology, we provide a simple, efficient and cost-effective marketplace for the suppliers and purchasers of bulk fresh flowers.

“Our philosophy is to provide you with the finest quality fresh flowers delivered in the fastest and most efficient means possible. Our experience in the Floral Industry is matched by no other.” – Ralph Yack, President, Floral Logic