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International Floral Trade Center Stall 8

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Mellano and Company prides itself on its progressive ideas, many of which have been developed into industry-wide improvements in growing and logistics.

Now a leading cut flower grower, shipper and wholesaler, Mellano and Company had modest beginnings. Giovanni Mellano set up shop in 1925 as a wholesale distributor in Los Angeles. He soon expanded his business by purchasing six acres in the Los Angeles area and began growing his own flowers. Mellano and Company has been plowing ahead in floriculture ever since.

Now in its third generation, Mellano and Company has redefined its concept of family to include both employees and customers. This “extended family” has played a major role in Mellano and Company’s success story as we continue to expand not only our Los Angeles wholesale location, but also locations in Carlsbad and Las Vegas, NV.